Dr. Roopa Shetty

M.D. (Naturopathy),
Pursuing PhD. in Metaphysics (University of Sedona, USA)

What if your passion is your profession? Then work is not work and the journey is as rewarding as the destination. Dr. Roopa Shetty exemplifies this completely. Being commerce post-graduate, entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen are her strengths but she epitomizes that characteristic resilience which comes only with passion for excellence. She has been a trailblazer in the Beauty and Health Care field for last 16 years.  

An entrepreneur of excellent reputation in Mumbai, her venture – Nirvana has been around for 16 years. Located in the picturesque heart of Mumbai – Powai and attracting clientele from across the city, this clinic-cum spa is synonymous with her.

Her credentials in the business are impeccable. With M.D. in Naturopathy & Pursuing PhD. in Metaphysics (University of Sedona, USA), she also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Aesthetics from Women’s World. A disciple of Mrs. Rima Soni, well-known aesthetician and beauty columnist from Dubai; Dr. Roopa herself is an active contributor of articles on the topics of Beauty and Personal Care to various periodicals in Mumbai. Besides this, she is a qualified healer under the group ‘Pranashakti’ (Malaysia).  

Given the level of excellence that she has maintained in her work throughout, it is least surprising that she has also been twice awarded the certificates by Aromantics (United Kingdom) for Advanced Organic Massage Products and Advanced Hair Care and Skin Care Products.

" Pranaa" an healing centre, initiated by Dr Roopa, is mainly catering to "The Crystal Healing Bed". The crystal healing bed, which is developed in Brazil, combines the Power of Colour Therapy and Crystal Healing Therapy, together working on the 'chakras' mainly for their Cleansing, Energising and Realigning. It is For the first time that the use of crystal bed has been approved to an Indian, in Mumbai.

Dr. Roopa Shetty has expanded from a clinic cum spa to larger concept of a healing centre, thereby going ahead with her dream project of a " Holistic Centre" which is a one stop place, where you get all the Five Dimentions of wellness, namely ; Physical, Psychological, Physiological, Emotional & Spiritual.

Living up to her name, Dr. Roopa Shetty signifies what a combination of Passion, Ambition and Search for Excellence can achieve.