Pranaa - A Life Giving Force

"Pranaa" means "Life Force" or " Life Giving Force" . This Healing Centre is run by a Charitable Trust and is a Non-Profit Organisation. Its main aim is to bring about transformation in our lives at all levels...Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical. 

Everything around is made up of patterns of Energy, so all healing ultimately involves Energy. If there is an illness or disturbance in the body, mind, or emotions, we certainly want to address those and heal ourselves. Most of the prevalent healing methods are focussed on the physical, mental & emotional levels of life, without recognising the deeper underlying Energy in each one of us.

Energy Healing not only compliments and supports the prevalent methods of healing, but it also recognises the deeper underlying Energy in each one of us. 'Energy Healing' works purely on the Energy level of our being. Working directly with Energy, influences the Physical, Mental, Emotional, as well as the Spiritual aspects of our lives. Energy Healing is thus 'Holistic' by nature. 'Energy Healing' promotes the self healing capacity of the body, by enhancing the Energy flow, and corrects the disturbances in the 'HUMAN ENERGY FIELD/ AURA' which permeates and surrounds the body.

Just as we have a Physical Anatomy, we also have an 'Energy Anatomy'. The Human Energy Field' or 'Aura' surrounds and permeates the Physical body. The 'Physical body' could be thought of as the most dense expression of Energy. We also have 'Subtle bodies' which are sometimes referred to as the Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies. In this 'Aura' or 'Auric Field' are our energy centres, called as CHAKRAS. It is n these Chakras, that important exchanges of Energy takes place.

At "Pranaa", all the aspects of Energy Healing is done using the The John of God Crystal Healing Bed which comprises of Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy and Chakra Healing Therapy. At "Pranaa" your life will be positively transformed to a Life Force or Life Giving Force !

Love and God Bless.